QuPoE Switch SCA6E

PoE switch powered by PoE PSU

PoE switch dedicated to power:
1x Teltonika RUT230/RUT240/RUT900/RUT950/RUT955
4x CCTV cameras with active PoE 802.3af/at

1x Passive PoE input 44-60V to power the switch
1x Passive PoE output 24V up to 7.2W for Router/AP
4x Active PoE 802.3af/at to power up to 4x CCTV cameras

*Please use QuPSU P561 Passive PoE Power Supply to power the switch (QuPSU P561 is offered separately).

*QuPoE Switch SCA6E is not dedicated to power routers/AP with higher power consumption (for example RUTX09, RUTX11). There will be a separate version for such high power consuming equipment (SCA6E-HP)