QuSpot LTE antenna for each model of Teltonika’s RUT routers is a perfect solution for mobile installations like yachts, boats, campers, RV, CCTV etc. It depends on if there is RUT230, RUT240, RUT950 or another router it has embedded wi-fi antenna and/or GPS. If you use Teltonika router with QuSpot antenna, you get an integrated complete solution with embedded router and multi band antennas in one enclosure.
QuSpace LTE antenna is designed to work on roof of the vehicles. The shape of the enclosure makes it suitable for permanent installations on vehicles (campers, RV, military etc.). It also has a very smart mounting that makes it an ideal solution for indoor ceiling installations. Depending on Teltonika’s RUT model it has embedded wi-fi antenna and/or GPS.
QuMAX offers the most powerful directional LTE antenna of all QuWireless antennas. It is designed to have all models of Teltonika RUT routers installed inside IP67 enclosure. It is the first choice for fixed installations in industrial environment. Depending on Teltonika router model it has embedded GPS antenna and outdoor wi-fi antennas.
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(Outdoor LTE routers)
  • LTE Cat 6 with speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Dual-SIM with auto Failover, Backup WAN and other SW features
  • GPS/GNSS positioning with geofencing functionality
  • LTE Cat 6 with speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Dual-SIM with auto Failover, Backup WAN and other SW features
  • Wave-2 802.11ac concurrent Dual Band WiFi
  • Bluetooth LE for short range communication
  • GPS/GNSS positioning with geofencing functionality
(For Teltonika)




Industrial Ethernet to 4G LTE IoT gateway. Advanced VPN functionality, security and remote management capabilities makes TRB140 the best option for single device connectivity.
Compact but powerful 4G LTE & WiFi cellular router with Ethernet and I/O. Great for quick deployment in mission critical IoT applications where advanced Networking, VPN and security features are needed.
Rugged and durable professional 4G LTE Dual SIM cellular router with advanced WiFi, Ethernet and industrial grade networking functionality support. Quick to deploy, easy to manage and flexible for applications across most demanding market sectors.
Professional rugged Dual SIM 4G LTE & WiFi cellular router. Highly secure and reliable industrial device equipped with Ethernet, Digital & Analogue I/O, RS232, RS485, GNSS (GPS), microSD and USB interfaces.
Next generation LTE-A Cat6 cellular IoT router with Dual SIM, Carrier Aggregation and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Rugged and powerful choice with VPN, Firewall and plenty of processing power for custom applications on OpenWrt based RutOS system.
Next-Generation Teltonika Enterprise router, equipped with the Dual Band WiFi 5 802.11ac and a Bluetooth LE module. Perfect for Small office or Public sector applications. High speed WiFi connectivity allows companies to transition into all-wireless office settings.
Most powerful and feature rich device within Teltonika Networking products range. Equipped with Dual-SIM, 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports, Dual-Band AC WiFi, Bluetooth LE and USB interfaces. RUTX11 comes with all RutOS software and security features. This device is perfect for advanced Industrial and Enterprise applications.
(For LTE routers)
Teltonika RMS
Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) allows you to conveniently manage and monitor your Teltonika routers and gateways, which include all RUT and TRB devices.