At Wireless Instruments our professionals constantly work on various projects. With current demand on the market it is very hard to find a matching solution for any of potential customer’s requirements. Moreover, we are constantly striving to fulfill those requirements for you by going every single time through thorough process of planning, designing and manufacturing the systems that suit your needs perfectly. If standard solutions are not good for you anymore, choose us, and you won’t ever be disappointed

Top parameters guarantee

Certified laboratory guarantees the observation correctness of required norms. The product’s evaluation is then being documented for our clients. We make sure that all requirements given by our customers are always taken into account.

Antennas performace

Our customers are very important to us, and that is why we spare no expense on top-tier professional tools to create final designs consisting of all physical and surrounding conditions of the system. Our team at Wireless Instruments work in CST Design Studio, which guarantees that our customer’s product will perform just the way he or she requires.

High-end standards

To keep the high-end standards and provide you with the best products and documentation, engineers from Wireless Instruments work with the newest versions of CAD/CAM engineering software. All designs are being carried out according to our client’s requirements and suggestions, to create complete and perfect product. Our professionals worked together alongside many known companies, helping them in development of their products.

Where you can find us?

Among others, we accomplished custom designs for military, secret services, industries, drone manufacturers and other branches. If you truly want what you deserve, then put your trust in us by contacting right now.